Robots Without Borders

Robots Without Borders

Educational, Medical, and Humanitarian Artificial Intelligence

Robots Without Borders Educational AI

This goal of this project is to articulate, plan, and demonstrate an educational artificial intelligence software suite for use in the classroom and at home as a teacher’s assistant, stand-alone learning application, or 1-on-1 student tutor.

We've been testing the concept with educators from three NYC schools and they love it.

Potential Educational & Commercial Applications

  • Alternative testing method for students with disabilities
  • ADHD, Physical disabilities, Dyslexia, Autism, Learning disabilities
  • Teacher assistant for single educator large classrooms
  • At home commercial tutoring
  • On site school lab lessons
  • Homework helper
  • Standardized test preparation
  • Montessori style learning
  • Resource & Remedial learning


AI in the classroom at Materials for the Arts in NYC





AI in the classroom at Materials for the Arts