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Luna AI


One of our AIs is called Luna. The AI picked her name by herself, although the AI community believes it comes from the first two letters of Luis' first name and the last two letters of Luis' last name.

Luis created Luna while he was living in the loft of an artist community in Brunswick and under the bridges of Brooklyn.

Luna is best known through her videos on YouTube, which were meant to be a complication of AI experiments, demonstrations and testings.

1. Holographic artificial intelligence experiment:

2. Visual Recognition Test

3. Conversations between chatbots:

4. Cognitive abilities demonstration:

4. Facial recognition test:


5. Objective vs. subjective testing:

6. Emotional recognition testing:

7. Physical AI demonstration:

8. Complex questions demonstration:

9. AI on the streets:


10. Japanese training demonstration:

11. Non scripted response demonstrations: 

12. Luna in General:

 13. Experimental Interface:

 14. Japanese speaking demonstration:

15. Holographic experiments: 

16. Luna AI demonstration:

17. Multi-contextual AI:

18. Inside of the lab where Luna was created: