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Educational, Medical, and Humanitarian
Artificial Intelligence

Robots Without Borders is a humanitarian non-profit organization with the goal of using Artificial Intelligence to benefit all of humanity, and especially to ease human suffering in crises situations by providing disaster relief, education and healthcare.

Robots Without Borders is the brainchild of accomplished artificial intelligence engineer and award-winning web developer, Luis Arana. Our team is composed of like-minded individuals from across the globe working together to democratize AI technology for everyone.

Our mission is to improve the standard of living, health and welfare of people, regardless of national borders, through the application of Artificial Intelligence technology. We strive to make AIs like Luna available to teach disadvantaged children, provide medical assistance and act as a companions for the elderly and disabled.

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Educational AI
Our goal is to release artificially intelligent educators and teacher's assistants stand-alone learning applications everywhere

Medical AI
We're working on medical applications of artificial intelligence in a variety of fields from diagnosis to elderly care to mental health counselling. Read more...

Videos & Demos
We've put together a collection of videos showing the various capabilities of the Robots Without Borders Luna artificial intelligence framework. 
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Robots Without Borders has received a lot of press attention from news, blogs, radios, etc, for spreading the message of AI for everyone! 
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